STATMOUNT is the product of late nights in the garage looking for a solution to inferior and quite frankly dangerous phone mounts that have been on the market. As motorcycle addicts, we ride in all kinds of conditions and terrains - commuting, moto camping, dual sporting, single track. In all of these, our phones were always with us either for music and podcasts while commuting or navigation while out exploring. Phones are a convenience and a necessity, and a good mount is always on the list of mandatory accessories. We tried just about all of them and never found one that truly performed as promised and ticked all the boxes.  

Some mounts held the phone somewhat, but it was impossible to get the phone in and out of the mount when needed or conveniently for a quick picture of a beautiful mountain overlook.

Other mounts promised to hold phones safely but without warning neglected to do so - not a fun or safe realization while traveling down the road with only two wheels and two hands to keep on the handlebars.  

Along with failed promises and poor utility, these other mounts all lacked styling. We ride and drive highly engineered machines that are designed to perform but also designed to look good doing it. Why does a phone mount have to look like an afterthought?

We wanted a mount that was made of the same high quality materials that our rides are made of and designed to perform flawlessly every time and change as we needed. A new phone shouldn’t mean a whole new mount.

That’s a lot of wants, right? We agree, but after years of designing, refining and prototyping, stubbornness won out and STATMOUNT is here. Let the adventure begin join the ride!